KRT Monitor Case 002/02 – Issue 79 (9 – 11 January 2017)

After 274 hearing days, over which 114 witnesses, 63 Civil Parties and 8 experts have been heard, this week marked the final week of evidentiary hearings in Case 002/02.  The Chamber sat for three days this week to hear final witnesses and discuss matters related to the end of the trial.  On Monday, Witness Ms. Hin Sotheany, a former employee of the OCIJ, testified about her work compiling the list of 15,101 individuals who entered the S-21 Security Center during DK.  On Tuesday the Chamber heard the remaining testimony of Mr. Voeun Vuthy, an archaeologist who began his testimony as an expert witness in December 2016.   Following this, the Khieu Samphan Defense was given the opportunity to respond to the OCP’s treatment of their key document presentation last week.  As the video-link testimony of 2-TCW-946 from Germany could not be arranged, on Wednesday morning Parties made oral submissions regarding how to treat the remainder of charges in Case 002.  After a short discussion about resource shortages among the Defense Teams, the Chamber adjourned proceedings on Wednesday morning, announcing that no more witnesses are expected to be called in Case 002/02.  Parties now have three months to prepare their closing briefs, and closing statements will be heard on 5 June 2017.

KRT Trial Monitor No. 79 – Hearings on Evidence Week 76 (9-11 January 2017)

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