Community of Practice

As part of AIJI’s work in legal education, we have now worked closely with 24 law lecturers to train them to teach fair trial rights using interactive learning across the 10 universities where they teach. To continue their professional development, AIJI holds monthly ‘Community of Practice’ events that give participants the change to continue their education on a variety of topics, while sharing their challenges and successes and supporting each other’s work.

IMG_1024           CSHL pic 1

The Community of Practice gatherings were originally only aimed at those who had completed AIJI’s Fair Trial Rights training course, however recently they have been opened up to anyone who has an interest in this topic. The agenda for the April-August 2017 series of five sessions is:

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 4.58.41 PM

The April session on Human Rights Education was held at the AIJI Office and featured an introduction to human rights education by Mr. Lina Tay. The May session was held at the Center for the Study of Humanitarian Law (CSHL) at the Royal University of Law and Economics and featured introductions to human rights research from CSHL Director Mr. Kimsan Soy, CSHL Researcher Ms. Ratana Ly and CSHL Librarian Ms. Sophorn Tuy.

The most recent session, held on 24 June 2017, saw participants practice new teaching methodologies while exploring the topic of gender and human rights. Please read the April, May, June and July reports on the sessions for more information.

IMG_0647 (1)

To date our community consists of law lecturers and other law professionals, NGO workers and civil servants. If you are interested in learning more about our meetings or would like to join our community of practice, please contact Mr. Lina Tay by phone at (+855) 096 818 1145 or by email on


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