AIJI engages with the legal community here through outreaches, presentations, and involvement with various Cambodian universities. Through collaborative efforts with legal NGOs, AIJI aims to constantly expand its reach, providing valuable information about ECCC’s proceedings and

1. Legal Training Sessions: AIJI staff has given a wide array of presentations at Cambodian universities on a range of legal issues. These are more involved sessions that provide audiences in depth information  and training on issues related to the ECCC.

Some examples of sessions:

  • “Lessons Learned from the ECCC”: In cooperation with CHRAC and CCHR, AIJI held a Training on Trial Monitoring Principles and Practice on August 7, 2013. The training was designed to share lessons learnt from trial monitoring principles and practice from both Domestic Court and ECCC as well as providing knowledge of basic monitoring techniques and reporting employed by AIJI and CCHR. The training was attended by some of our university partners as well as representatives from CHRAC’s members, amounting to around 20 participants. The program also has yielded a series of presentation on the topics presented in the training. 
  • “Fair Trial Rights and ECCC Jurisprudence”: AIJI co-organized an event with CHRAC detailing important Fair Trial Rights issues at the ECCC at Cambodian University of Specialties: Steung Meanchey on 28 September 2013. 
  • Fair Trial Rights and Legal Research for Cambodian University Students: AIJI held a legal training session with Paññāsāstra University law students on 8 February 2014 that covered fair trial rights and tools for research that are useful for their legal studies.
AIJI Staff Lead PUC Students, 8 February 2014

AIJI Staff Lead PUC Students, 8 February 2014

CUS Outreach on Fair Trial Rights, 28 September 2013

CUS Outreach on Fair Trial Rights, 28 September 2013

2. Fair Trial Right Curriculum for Law Faculties in Cambodia

As part of AIJI’s outreach initiative, Melanie Hyde (formerly AIJI Cambodia’s Legal Advisor, currently its Head of Programs) has compiled a curriculum on Fair Trial Rights. Employing materials the AIJI KRT Monitoring Team has accumulated from its monitoring activities, the curriculum also incorporates a range of examples drawn from practices in Cambodian national court and internationally.

The Fair Trial Rights curriculum was piloted at the Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE) in September 2013 and is now included as a compulsory course for the Bachelor of Laws at RULE. The course was taught by Ms. Hyde in cooperation with Cambodian lecturer Bun Sokseila in order to foster transfer of knowledge and program sustainability. AIJI is currently in engaged in discussions to expand the course to other Cambodian universities.

The Fair Trial Rights curriculum follows AIJI’s objectives to disseminate the legal standards set by the ECCC to potential young legal professionals in Cambodia, providing support for rule of law.

3. Open Source Educational Materials for Students and the Public

  • AIJI’s English-Khmer Legal Glossary: AIJI’s national university interns help add to a glossary of English-Khmer legal terms used in our reports. Given Cambodia’s nascent legal system, some legal terms in English are just now being translated to Khmer. Find parts of our glossary here
  • Capacity Building Information Handouts: Given our engagement with Cambodian law students, AIJI seeks to produce informal informational handouts to make legal topics easy to understand. For examples of some of these forms, see here. These handouts are produced in English and also available in Khmer.
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