KRT Monitor Case 002/02 – Issue 77 (12 – 15 December 2016)

This week began with Witness Mr. Norng Nim, a former bodyguard and driver for East Zone leader Sao Phim, testifying via video-link from Tboung Khmum Province about alleged purges in the East Zone.  The Witness was unable to confirm several key parts of his prior statements, or provide significant detail about Sao Phim’s relationship to the Vietnamese or any coup that may have taken place in 1978.  Witness 2-TCW-823 followed with testimony about his time in DK’s naval Division 164, under the command of Meas Muth.  The Witness, testifying under protective pseudonym, told the Chamber about the treatment of Vietnamese vessels found in DK waters, and also of his marriage during the regime.  Third to testify this week was Expert Witness Mr. Voeun Vuthy, director of archeology for the Ministry of Fine Arts.  Voeun Vuthy conducted a study on human remains found at Choeung Ek, Kraing Ta Chan, Wat Prasat Padei and Kok Prech and was able to explain his scientific process to the court, as well as describe trauma he found on the remains.  The Expert did not conclude his testimony this week, and will return in January to be questioned by the Defense for the final time.  On Thursday, the Trial Chamber heard from 2-TCW-971 via video-link from Oddar Meanchey.  He testified to being a member of the third wave of troops from the Southwest Zone sent to the Northwest Zone in early 1978.  At the end of the week, the Trial Chamber adjourned for a two-week recess and will continue evidentiary hearings in Case 002/02 on Wednesday 4 January 2017.

KRT Trial Monitor No. 77 – Hearings on Evidence Week 74 (12 – 15 December 2016)

EnglishKhmer (Summary)

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