KRT Monitor Case 002/02 – Issue 76 (5 – 9 December 2016)

This week the Trial Chamber heard from four witnesses over four days, taking a break from proceedings on Thursday to hold an in-camera trial management meeting.  First, a distant relative and former bodyguard of Sao Phim, Mr. Sin Oeng, concluded his testimony of last week, telling the court about his experience accompanying the former East Zone leader to Phnom Penh shortly before he committed suicide.  Second to testify was Mr. Nuon Trech, a former member of Division 310 whose members were allegedly purged during the regime.  On Tuesday 93-year-old Witness 2-TCW-920 testified via video-link from Battambang Province.  The Witness, identified only by his pseudonym, delivered messages between Nuon Chea and Ruos Nhim in the 1960s.  Finally this week Witness 2-TCW-971 testified via video-link from Oddar Meanchey Province about being sent from Takeo to Battambang to address food shortages in the Northwest, however his testimony was cut short due to poor internet connection.

KRT Trial Monitor No. 76 – Hearings on Evidence Week 73 (5-9 December 2016)

EnglishKhmer (Summary)

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