KRT Monitor Case 002/02 – Issue 62 (11-12 August 2016)

This week, the postponement of key document hearings originally scheduled to begin on Monday, resulted in a break in proceedings until Thursday.  Over two days of proceedings this week, the Trial Chamber heard statements from three Civil Parties as part of the victim impact hearings for the fourth segment related to security centers and internal purges, in addition to commencing documentary hearings with the presentation of key documents for this segment of Case 002/02 from the OCP and LCLCP.  On Thursday, Mr. Che Heab testified first about the loss of five of his eight siblings during the purges in Division 310, particularly the death of his elder brother Che Heay, whose family was also executed.  Next, Ms. Phoung Yat testified about the loss of her sister, whom she learned after the regime had been killed at S-21.  Finally Civil Party Ms. Ros Chuor Siy testified via video-link from Paris about the suffering she experienced as a result of the death of her husband Ros Sarin at S-21. Next week the victim impact hearings will conclude on Monday with the hearing of three further Civil Parties, followed by the conclusion of the key document hearings on Tuesday with responses from the Defense.

KRT Trial Monitor No. 62 – Hearings on Evidence Week 59 (11-12 August 2016)

EnglishKhmer (Summary)

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