KRT Monitor Case 002/02 – Issue 63 (15-18 August 2016)

The Trial Chamber covered a great deal if ground this week; concluding last week’s victim impact and key documents hearings on security centers and internal purges.  Three Civil Parties were heard on Monday, with testimony related to suffering they experienced as a result of purges in the East Zone and S-21 Security Center.  On Tuesday, the Khieu Samphan Defense presented their response to key documents presented by last week by the OCP and LCLCP.  On Wednesday the Trial Chamber heard from a new Civil Party, 2-TCCP-1040, who testified under a pseudonym about purges in the East Zone and a rebellion by Sao Phim.  On Thursday the Chamber heard from another witness on internal purges: Mr. Suoy Sao, whose in-court testimony was so different to the information he gave in his 2009 DC-Cam statement that the court went into a closed-session in order to ascertain if there was an issue with his testimony.  A number of legal issues came up this week including objections to questions beyond the scope of the trial, the use of certain material as evidence and the confidentiality of the identity of 2-TCCP-1040.

KRT Trial Monitor No. 63 – Hearings on Evidence Week 60 (15-18 August 2016)

EnglishKhmer (Summary)

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