KRT Trial Monitor C002/02 – Issue 12 (9-12 March 2015)

The Trial Chamber continued to hear evidence from former cadres in Tram Kak District from 9 to 12 March. Following the previous weeks’ examination of former guards and officials at Kraing Ta Chan Security Center, this week the Court heard evidence regarding food and labor conditions in DK’s rural cooperatives, as well as the administrative structure in District 105, Sector 13, and the Southwest Zone. The Chamber heard from two witnesses, Mr. Neang Ouch, who is alleged by others to have been chief of District 105 in 1977 and 1978, and Mr. Nut Nouv, the former of chief of Srae Ronoung Commune in 1978. Both witnesses provided details about cooperative labor, food supply, and security policy, as well as their understandings of the DK administrative hierarchy. Neang Ouch’s testimony contained notable inconsistencies, and he denied holding any District-level position, which prompted the OCP to warn him of penalties for perjury. Additionally, this week the Chamber attempted to clarify its directives on the confidentiality of future witnesses, while effectively dealing with issues of trial scheduling and time management.

Read the report: KRT Trial Monitor No. 12 – Hearings on Evidence Week 9  (9-12 March 2015)

English Khmer (Summary)

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