KRT Trial Monitor C002/02 – Issue 13 (16-19 March 2015)

The Trial Chamber effectively completed hearing the testimonies of two witnesses this week, but it was forced to adjourn a half-day early due to the health issues of a new witness set to testify on 19 March. Throughout the week, there were no substantial legal or procedural issues, beyond a few objections seeking evidentiary references to avoid misstating evidence, or the Trial Chamber’s requests to avoid repetitious questioning. The first witness heard this week, Mr. Nut Nouv, was chief of Srae Ronoung Commune in 1978. His testimony covered his experiences as a cadre in three different Tram Kak District communes and his knowledge of DK administrative structures, as well as the living conditions in the cooperatives. The second witness, Mr. Riel Son,was deputy chief of Tram Kak District Hospital from 1976 to 1979. He testified on his experiences and roles at the hospital, his attendance of meetings where the targeting of Lon Nol officials, Khmer Krom, and ethnic Vietnamese was discussed, and his interactions with Ta Mok and the Accused, Khieu Samphan. This report also summarizes the Trial Chamber’s continued management of Case 002/02, as the Court sought to strike a balance between the OCP’s recent evidentiary disclosures from Cases 003 and 004 and the Defense Teams’ requests for new scheduling to enable review of the evidence.

Read the report: KRT Trial Monitor No. 13 – Hearings on Evidence Week 10  (16-19 March 2015)

English Khmer (Summary)

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