Duch on Trial: Week 26

A month after the Duch’s verdict and sentence were announced, Episode 26 wraps up the ‘Duch on Trial’ series.

Presenters Neth Pheaktra and Tan Tepkanika put questions to various contributors about what lessons are to be learned from Case 001 (trial of Kaing Guek Eav, head of the Khmer Rouge’s notorious S-21 interrogation center) by those involved in Case 002. They also ask if KR victims – Civil Parties in the trials – have been and will be treated fairly.

The forthcoming trial, due to start in 2011, is potentially far more significant than Duch’s case. In the dock will be four ex-senior leaders of the Khmer Rouge, who, unlike Duch, are unlikely to cooperate with the court. So far, in preliminary hearings, they have denied responsibility and – in some instances – even knowledge of the atrocities.

This program, containing profiles of the accused, was first shown on CTN, Cambodia’s leading TV channel, on Monday 23 August (and repeated on Tuesday 24 August).

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