Welcome to KRT Trial Monitor

Asian International Justice Inititative (AIJI) welcomes you to its site dedicated to the ongoing trials before the ECCC. The AIJI monitoring team follows all hearings and publications by the court and regularly issues reports on the developments. It also assists Khmer Mekong Films (KMF) in the production of a weekly TV and radio show.

Through this site you can find information about the cases in the following forms:

Real-time (twitter) updates are displayed at the top right side of the page. In the sidebar below it you can find links to all the posts and publications by AIJI and KMF.

We gladly invite you to follow our blog and tweet (by clicking on the respective buttons in the sidebar) and share your questions or comments with us (through the comment function below a post).

Thank you for visiting our site,

the AIJI monitoring team

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