Court Monitoring

  Court Monitoring and Reporting

A.1 Weekly Reports in English and Khmer: In an effort to provide international and Cambodian audiences with current and analytical information on the proceedings of the ECCC, AIJI endeavors to produce one court report a week. These reports feature a comprehensive summary of the proceedings, including information on trial management and important legal and procedural issues. Reports are produced by trial monitors who attend every day of trial proceedings, providing thorough transcripts of the court hearings and consulting AIJI’s legal advisor for legal/procedural analysis. AIJI’s National Monitors translate these reports into Khmer.

  1. For an example of a typical Court report, see Issue 57 in English and Khmer here.
  2. For Case 001 Court Reports, see here. For Case 002/01, follow this link.

A.2 Special Reports, Digest, Articles, and Social Media Reporting: Along with our weekly report, AIJI produces reports detailing more specific issues that arise during proceedings as well as informational email digests that summarize major elements of the proceedings. For an example of our special report, read KRT Monitor’s report on Accused Ieng Thirith’s unconditional release from detention.

Media Coverage of the Proceedings: Acknowledging ECCC’s wide worldwide audience, AIJI attempts to reach its diverse national and international audience through various media forms. By utilizing social media and mass media, AIJI stretches its informational reach to many.

  1. Facing Justice: In Cambodia, television remains a major source of information for a large part of the country. In conjunction with Cambodian media producer, Khmer Mekong Films, AIJI produces a television show entitled Facing Justice that airs on national TV network CTN. Estimates from CTN cite 1 million average viewers for Facing Justice.
  2. Social Media: With over 1500 followers on Twitter and Facebook combined,  AIJI reliably keeps many national and international followers of the ECCC up to date on the daily occurrences of the Court. AIJI tweets (@krtmonitor) and produces Facebook updates (KRT Monitor) from the Court as the proceedings happen.

A.3 AIJI Internship Program:

Our interns play an extremely important role within the AIJI KRT Monitoring Team. Since AIJI’s inception to monitor Case 001, the program’s strength has been the sharing of skills between the Cambodian and international monitors. Most of our international monitors comprise of interns joining us from various universities from all over the world, including USA, Switzerland, Singapore, The Philippines, Thailand, China, Australia, UK, Argentina, Germany, and Indonesia.

While our Khmer monitors are mostly contractors working with AIJI, we also regularly host Cambodian law students through our National University Internship Program, which started in 2013. Each round of the program we select two to five Cambodian university students, and we provide them with training in international criminal law, ECCC, and Court Monitoring. Afterwards, throughout a period of three months, the national interns participate in court monitoring and assist the team with reporting while also producing outreach materials for the public.

To see our former international and national monitors, click here. The current ones can be found here.

AIJI National and International Monitors at ECCC Proceedings.
AIJI National and International Monitors at ECCC Proceedings.

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