KRT Trial Monitor-Case 002-Ieng Thirith-Supreme Court-Special Report (December 2012)

AIJI is publishing this report as a separate addendum to the regular weekly monitoring report in order to discuss the 13 November 2012 appeal hearing before the Supreme Court Chamber (SCC) on Accused Ieng Thirith’s unconditional release from detention.   This report describes and analyzes the Chamber’s decision, released on 14 December 2012, to agree to most parts of the Appeal.  In addition, this report’s attention to the SCC’s 13 November hearing and subsequent decision builds on the detailed summary and analysis found in the AIJI “Special Report on Ieng Thirith’s Fitness to Stand Trial,” which was published in November.

Read the report:

KRT Trial Monitor Special Report on the Supreme Court’s Decision on Ieng Thirith’s Fitness to Stand Trial (December 2012).


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