KRT Monitor Case 002/02 – Issue 74 (21-22 November 2016)

The Trial Chamber sat for only two days this week to hear testimony related to Case 002/02, as on Wednesday the Supreme Court Chamber met to hand down its final verdict in the appeal on Case 002/01. This appeal verdict has been covered in a separate monitoring report.  On Monday and Tuesday, the Chamber heard from one Civil Party and one witness.  Although both were called in relation to the role of the Accused, both testified on a range of other topics including purges and marriage.  The first to testify, Civil Party 2-TCCP-223, did so under a protective pseudonym due to his participation in investigations that are ongoing, however on a number of occasions during questioning, he was asked to identify personal details, undermining this measure.   Second to testify this week was Ms. Touch Sithorn, who did so via video-link from Paris.  The Trial Chamber adjourned on Tuesday afternoon and will resume proceedings next Monday as normal.

KRT Trial Monitor No. 74 – Hearings on Evidence Week 71 (21-22 November 2016)

EnglishKhmer (Summary)

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