KRT Monitor Case 002/02 – Issue 73 (7-11 November 2016)

The Trial Chamber began the week by hearing responses from the OCP and Khieu Samphan Defense to key documents presented last week related to the nature of armed conflict.  Following this, the remainder of 2-TCW-1065’s testimony was heard related to conflict in the East Zone.  Next, the Chamber heard from Civil Party Mr. Sar Sarin, the first to testify on the role of the Accused.  Sar Sarin previously testified as a Civil Party in Case 002/01, however at that time his testimony was cut short after he refused to continue on the grounds that he feared for his personal safety.  This week he did not return on Thursday to conclude his testimony, at first citing health reasons and then not responding to calls from WESU.  Thus, after a day break on Wednesday to mark Cambodian Independence Day, the court heard from the next two witnesses scheduled to testify in this segment: 2-TCW-913, and 2-TCCP-235, however neither appeared to have much knowledge about the role of the Accused.  Previously scheduled to testify this week, 2-TCW-953’s testimony has been delayed until after next week’s one-week break for Water Festival due to the late release of his prior statements.  Proceedings in Case 002/02 will resume on Monday 21 November, ahead of the pending announcement of the Appeal Judgment in Case 002/01 on 23 November.

KRT Trial Monitor No. 73 – Hearings on Evidence Week 70 (7-11 November 2016)

EnglishKhmer (Summary)

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