KRT Trial Monitor Case 002/02 — Issue 32 (28-30 September 2015)

This week, the Trial Chamber resumed hearing testimony on the treatment of the ethnic Cham minority after a one-week recess. Over the course of this week, the Chamber heard from two Cham Civil Parties, followed by one witness regarding the Trapeang Thma Dam worksite (TTD). On 28 September, Civil Party Him Man concluded the testimony he began two weeks ago regarding his treatment as a Cham person in Sach Sau village and his knowledge of the rebellion in Koh Phal. In the afternoon and throughout the following day, a second Cham Civil Party, No Satas, testified about another Cham rebellion in Svay Khleang, Krouch Chhmar District. On Tuesday afternoon, Witness Sot Sophal, who had been unable to testify on his originally scheduled date due to poor health, provided testimony about the TTD. A number of legal issues dominated the late Wednesday afternoon session, particularly the recurring issue of Case 004 documents entering Case 002/02, as well as how best to manage the upcoming appearance of Expert Witness Ysa Osman. As Witness 2-TCW-928 was unwell and unable to testify, the Chamber only sat for three days this week.

KRT Trial Monitor No. 32 — Hearings on Evidence Week 29 (28-30 September 2015)

English — Khmer (Summary)

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