KRT Trial Monitor Case 002/02 — Issue 31 (14-17 September 2015)

The Trial Chamber continued with the new trial segment on the treatment of the Cham minority this week with the testimony of four persons in relation to the group’s targeting in Kang Meas District, Kampong Cham Province. This subject differed from the events at Krouch Chhmar District, discussed in the previous week, and much of the testimony revolved around the massacre of Cham at Wat Au Trakuon pagoda, which was turned into a security center under the Khmer Rouge. The Witnesses and Civil Parties also made reference to the Long Sword Group, which was organized to manage security only after the Southwest Zone forces’ takeover of the area in early 1977. This week, the Parties also raised a number of objections related to document admissibility, the characterization of witness testimony, the scope of trial, and the use of repetitious, leading, and speculative questions. The Trial Chamber nonetheless managed to effectively move forward with proceedings by hearing so much testimony in four days this week.

KRT Trial Monitor No. 31 — Hearings on Evidence Week 28 (14-17 September 2015)

EnglishKhmer (Summary)

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