KRT Trial Monitor C002/02 — Issue 22 (9-12 June 2015)

This week, the Trial Chamber commenced the next segment of the proceedings in Case 002/02 with testimony from three witnesses on the Kampong Chhnang Airport Construction site (KCA). This trial segment covers the second of three worksites to be discussed in the trial, and it relates to charges of crimes against humanity of enslavement, extermination, murder, and persecution on political grounds, as well as other inhumane acts, through “attacks against human dignity,” enforced disappearances, and forced marriage.  The KCA was located in DK’s Central Zone under the alleged oversight of the DK Air Force, also known as Division 502. All three witnesses who testified this week were originally members of the Khmer Rouge military who were later transferred to work at the KCA in different capacities. Mr. Chan Mân, Mr. Keo Kin, and Mr. Keo Leou all spoke about their background, their experiences at the worksite, and their knowledge of DK military structures. Parties raised only a few minor objections during this week’s proceedings, but monitors noted some issues with the Chamber’s time management, and a Judge reprimanded Defense Counsel for problematic questioning of a Witness.

KRT Trial Monitor No. 22 – Hearings on Evidence Week 19 (9-12 June 2015)

EnglishKhmer (Summary)

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