KRT Trial Monitor C002/02 — Issue 21 (2-5 June 2015)

Over four days of hearings this week, the Trial Chamber heard the testimony of two witnesses and a Civil Party on their knowledge of and experiences at the First January Dam worksite in present-day Kampong Thom Province. Civil Party Seang Sovida discussed her living conditions as an 11-year-old working in a mobile unit at the Dam worksite for three months, and she spoke of her suffering since the loss of her parents and siblings under the DK regime. Witness Uth Seng discussed his experiences working at the site as a teenager, and he provided greater detail into the security arrangements at the Dam. Witness Sou Soeun, a former cadre, discussed her position and that of her husband, former Central Zone Secretary Ke Pauk, in the DK era. The Trial Chamber also dealt with a number of objections concerning the scope of the trial segment, as well as proper questioning practices. It also announced scheduling changes as a result of new evidentiary disclosures coming from Case 003. In addition to covering these topics, this report also notes a number of mistranslations that negatively impacted the Parties and the Witnesses’ understanding of the ongoing proceedings.

KRT Trial Monitor No. 21 – Hearings on Evidence Week 18 (2-5 June 2015)

EnglishKhmer (Summary)

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