Case 002/01 Highlights: Financing Issues

Financing the Court

Aside from the abiguity of Closing Order and the frail health of the Co-Accused, the time required to complete the evidentiary hearing is also adversely impacted by the financial situation of the ECCC. For multiple times the Court found it unable to pay its staff, especially the National side, due to lack of funding. Article 44 in Law on the Establishment of ECCC stipulated that the expenses and salaries of the Cambodian administrative officials and staff, including national judges and prosecutors, shall be borne by the Cambodian national budget. Months without pay led to the walk out of the Interpreter Translation Unit staff during the proceedings (Issue 57) and the more recent National staff strike after the evidentiary hearing. Problems with lack of necessary legal staff within the Trial Chamber also impacted the speed of the trial. In October 2012, the Chamber reduced the number of days the Court sits to three days a week (Issue 41). After the death of Ieng Sary in March 2013 and the hearing on Nuon Chea’s fitness to stand trial, the proceedings noticeably picked up pace, with the Trial Chamber sitting for four days a week in most weeks until July 2013.


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