Evidence Presented in Case 002/01

During the proceedings of Case 002 thus far,  53 fact witnesses, 31 Civil Parties, 5 character witnesses, and 3 expert witnesses (ECCC) have given testimony. For the mapping of persons who testified during each week of the evidentiary hearing, see Table on Weekly Testimony here. For the mapping of testimonies based on the paragraphs of the Closing Order they testified to when they took the stand, see our Testimony Mapping based on Paragraphs in Closing Order here. During the proceedings documentary hearings were held where the Parties presented documents relevant to the current trial’s scope. For mapping on the documentary hearings, please see our Documentary Hearing Table here. It should be noted that although the scope of Case 002/01 is limited to Forced Population Movement I and II and the execution of former Lon Nol’s officials at Tuol Po Chrey, testimonies and documentary evidence are at times provided beyond the scope either by exceptional circumstances, which is determined at the discretion of the Trial Chamber (for example for Expert Witnesses), or because the Chamber saw the testimonies or documentary evidence as fitting to prove the existence of policies relevant to the scope of the trial. Closing Order’s paragraphs included within Case 002/01’s scope can be found here.

Evidence analysis authored by Melanie Hyde, Sadaf Kashfi, John Reiss, Tobias Roemer, and Sonan Sorn.


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