KRT Trial Monitor C002 – Issue 69 (23 July 2013)

On Tuesday this week, the Trial Chamber held a Trial Management Meeting (TMM) intended to address a number of outstanding issues before the Chamber and schedule final deadlines.  After hearing oral submissions, the Chamber denied the Prosecution’s request to call additional Tuol Po Chrey witnesses, and to recall Civil Party Sar Sarin.  Nuon Chea Defense request to summon Rob Lemkin was also rejected.  At the conclusion of the hearing, the Chamber directed the Witness and Expert Support Unit (WESU) to prepare an official report outlining how Witness Nou Mouk had attained Ben Kiernan’s notes and photograph prior to providing his testimony.  Regarding the OCP’s request for the Chamber to draw adverse inferences in relation to the Co-Accused’s decision to selectively remain silent, the Chamber concluded that the issue would be addressed during closing arguments.

President Nil Nonn adjourned the proceedings until 9 October 2013, when the Trial Chamber is scheduled to hear closing arguments from the Parties. On 23 July 2013, the Supreme Court Chamber issued a summary of reasons supporting its decision to dismiss both the OCP and Nuon Chea Defense appeals against the Trial Chamber’s written decision on severance.  Accordingly, as the Supreme Court declined to expand the scope of Case 002/01, the TMM marked the end of the evidentiary hearings for Case 002/01.

Read the report:

Trial Monitor Issue No. 69 – Hearing on Evidence Week 64 (23 July 2013).

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