KRT Trial Monitor C002 – Issue 68 (15-18 July 2013)

This week’s proceedings saw the completion of Stephen Heder’s testimony following the Prosecution’s examination of the Witness on Wednesday and Thursday last week. The Prosecution and Civil Parties finished questioning the Witness on Monday afternoon and following a brief adjournment to discuss the Nuon Chea Defense team’s urgent request to admit evidence, the Defense teams then cross-examined Heder for the remainder of the week.  The Witness testified on a variety of issues, ranging from the implementation of CPK policies to the role of the Co-Accused during the DK period.  Heder’s examination was mired with objections from both Parties, largely related to the fact he had been called as a witness instead of an expert.

Other legal procedural issues that emerged this week included Nuon Chea’s notification that he would no longer answer questions from the Prosecution or the Civil Parties and the OCP’s application for sanctions against the Khieu Samphan Defense team in relation to an editorial published in the Phnom Penh Post. Despite some etiquette and technical issues, the Chamber managed to see the conclusion of the Witness’ testimony according to schedule.

Read the report:

Trial Monitor Issue No. 68 – Hearing on Evidence Week 63 (15-18 July

English – Khmer

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