KRT Trial Monitor C002 – Issue 66 (1-4 July 2013)

This week, the Court managed to hear the testimony of four witnesses over four days.  Witnesses Pech Chim, Lev Lam, Ek Hen and Sum Alatt testified primarily on the alleged role of the Co-Accused, the purging of Lon Nol officials, and arrests of KR cadres.  The Parties raised a number of objections during the course of the week, primarily in relation to the leading, repetitive and speculative nature of questions, in addition to questions alleged to fall outside the scope of Case 002/01.  The Chamber also sought to limit questions to those strictly within Case 002/01 and exhibited a consistent effort to keep the hearing on schedule.  Monitors noted that this strictness might have contributed to some etiquette issues towards the end of the week.

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Trial Monitor Issue No. 66 – Hearing on Evidence Week 61 (1-4 July 2013).

English – Khmer

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