KRT Trial Monitor Case 002/02 – Issue 50 (4-7 April 2016)

This week hearings were repeatedly delayed due to the consistent refusal of Witness Sos Kamry, the chairman of the Highest Council for Islamic Religious Affairs, to testify before the Trial Chamber.  On Monday and Tuesday mornings the President announced that this Witness had refused to come to the court and the judicial police were requested to bring him in against his will.  Documents subsequently published on the court website reveal that this witness has refused to appear since September 2015.  Sos Kamry finally testified on Wednesday 6 April, covering topics on the treatment of the Cham, purges and the reason for his reluctance to appear.  The Defense for Nuon Chea objected to the Witness’s decision to take a non-religious affirmation rather than an Islamic oath prior to testifying and repeatedly referred to his testimony as “unsworn evidence.”  On Thursday, the Phan Van appeared via video link as the final witness to testify on the Phnom Kraol Security Center.  Phan Van is the son of former Sector 105 Leader Ta Ham, alias Laing, and previously testified in 2012 in Case 002/01.

KRT Trial Monitor No. 50 – Hearings on Evidence Week 47 (4-7 April 2016)

EnglishKhmer (Summary)

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