KRT Trial Monitor Case 002/02 – Issue 48 (21-24 March 2016)

This week the Trial Chamber heard from a new fact Witness on the Au Kanseng Security Center and concluded the testimony of Expert Witness Ysa Osman on the treatment of the Cham.  The fact Witness appeared anonymously under the pseudonym 2-TCW-900 in order to protect his identity as part of the ongoing investigations into Cases 003 and 004.  2-TCW-900 appeared via video-link from Oddar Meanchey Province and testified over two days about his role as third-in-charge at the Au Kanseng Security Center in Ratanakiri Province, and executions alleged to have taken place there.  On Wednesday Expert Witness Ysa Osman returned to the Chamber to respond to questions from each of the Defense teams in relation to the treatment of the Cham during the DK regime.  The Prosecution and Civil Parties had questioned Mr. Osman earlier in February 2016.

KRT Trial Monitor No. 48 – Hearings on Evidence Week 45 (21-24 March 2016)

EnglishKhmer (Summary)

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