KRT Monitor Case 002/02 – Issue 45 (29 February – 3 March 2016)

This week the Trial Chamber held the third set of victim impact hearings in Case 002/02.  Five Civil Parties answered questions on the harms they suffered and put their own questions to the Accused concerning why these groups were targeted during the Democratic Kampuchea (DK) period.  After these statements, the Trial Chamber began a new segment in Case 002/02: security centers and internal purges.  International Counsel for Nuon Chea, Victor Koppe, returned to the Chamber for the new segment after his absence for over two weeks.

To open the new segment this week the Chamber heard from two witnesses who both spent time at Au Kanseng Security Center.  The witnesses, Phan Thol and Moeung Chandy, were married at the time of their imprisonment, however they have since divorced and claimed not to have spoken to each other in decades.  Nonetheless, their testimonies on their arrest and transportation to Au Kanseng, the treatment they received at the center, and the executions they claim to have witnessed was largely consistent.

KRT Trial Monitor Issue 45 – Hearings on Evidence Week 42 (29 February – 3 March 2016)

EnglishKhmer (Summary)

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