KRT Trial Monitor Case 002/02 – Issue 42 (1-3 February 2016)

This week the Trial Chamber heard testimony from three individuals on the treatment of the target groups in the Democratic Kampuchea (DK) regime, particularly former Lon Nol soldiers and the ethnic Vietnamese. The week began with Witness Sao Van, the former Chief of the Front in Cheang Tong Commune, Tram Kak District.  Mr. Sao testified about the treatment of both the Vietnamese and former Lon Nol officials, which the Witness had a personal connection to as his brother had been an official in the Khmer Republic government.  Meas Voeun also testified about the treatment of these two groups from his perspective as a member of the Revolutionary Army of Kampuchea (RAK). Finally Ms. En Yoeun returned to testify after her health prevented her from completing her testimony last week.  There was some confusion during En Yoeun’s testimony as to the reason for her appearance before the Chamber, and it became unclear whether she had indeed made the statement that had been attributed to her.  In addition to some objections over the proper use of evidence, the Chamber also dealt with a few procedural issues ahead of the appearance of Expert 2-TCE-95 next week on the treatment of the Cham.

KRT Trial Monitor No. 42 – Hearings on Evidence Week 39 (1-3 February 2016)

EnglishKhmer (Summary)

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