KRT Trial Monitor C002/02 — Issue 28 (24-27 August 2015)

This week marked the final week of testimony in relation to Trapeang Thma Dam (TTD), the last crime site included in the trial segment on worksites in Case 002/02. Following the testimonies of a witness and a Civil Party, the Chamber commenced the key documentary hearings for the segment on the three worksites covered in the case, the First January Dam (1JD), Kampong Chhnang Airport Construction (KCA) and TTD. Witness Chhuy Huy testified about his experiences at TTD, including the treatment of sick workers, his arranged marriage by “Angkar” in a group wedding ceremony, and an arrest and possible execution. Civil Party Nhip Horl also described his experiences as a mobile unit chief at TTD, and he recalled worksite meetings and a visit of a foreign delegation. On Wednesday the 26th of August, the OCP began its presentation on key documents related to the 1JD, but proceedings abruptly ended after legal objections to the presentation of written records of interviews (WRIs) as key documents led to the Defense Teams’ spontaneous withdrawal from the courtroom. The following morning, the Parties extensively discussed the events of the day before, including statements from Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan in support of their counsels’ walkout. This report summarizes the two testimonies, as well as the brief portion of the OCP’s key documents presentation, and it analyzes the legal and procedural issues in relation to the Defense walkout.

KRT Trial Monitor No. 28 – Hearings on Evidence Week 25 (24-27 August 2015)

English — Khmer (Summary)

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