KRT Trial Monitor C002/02 – Issue 16 (21-24 April 2015)

After returning from a judicial recess for Khmer New Year, the Trial Chamber resumed its proceedings in Case 002/02 this week with the second appearance of a Civil Party, as well as that of a witness who first testified before the Court during Case 002/01. Civil Party Thann Thim, who had initially appeared at the 2 April victim impact hearing, testified on the living conditions in Tram Kak District cooperatives, including details of the discrimination directed at ‘17 April people’. He also detailed his experiences of arrest and detention at Ang Roka prison in 1978. Witness Pech Chim, alias ‘Ta Chim’, who testified before the Trial Chamber in Case 002/01, reappeared to testify in this trial over the course of four days. The Witness was chief of Tram Kak District for approximately six months between 1976 and 1977, and his testimony touched on a number of topics, including DK administration, the formation of cooperatives, the repatriation of ethnic Vietnamese, the defrocking of Buddhist monks, the regulation of marriage, and the purges of Khmer Rouge cadres in the Central Zone after 1977. This report also covers the Trial Chamber’s management of proceedings as well as legal issues raised by the Parties during the examinations of Thann Thim and Pech Chim.

KRT Trial Monitor No. 16 – Hearings on Evidence Week 13 (21-24 April 2015)

EnglishKhmer (Summary)

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