Facing Justice Episode 40

In this 40th episode, Facing Justice reports, summarizes and analyzes the first week of ‘Closing Statements’ in the courtroom. It includes the closing statements presented by the Civil Party Lawyers and the first half of the statements by the OCP. The Civil Party Lawyers highlighted the evidence of the civil parties, which they asserted was crucial to ascertaining the truth in the case. They also presented the collective reparation requested by their clients. The OCP presented their case, stating that evacuation of Phnom Penh, forced population movement 2 were part of a systematic plan to enslave Cambodians, particularly the city dwellers. The OCP also asserted that the killing of Lon Nol officials during evacuation of Phnom Penh and at Tuol Po Chrey is the result of a policy to target and kill enemies

The 41st episode, covering the second week of Closing Statements, was on air on Monday at 13.30 at CTN. If you did not catch it please watch the rerun on Friday at 15.00.

Facing Justice is produced by the cooperation between Asian International Justice Initiative (AIJI)-a collaborative effort of East West Centre (EWC) and the War Crimes Studies Centre (WCSC) – Khmer Mekong and film (KMF). Its production is made possible by the generous support of USAID.

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