Facing Justice Episode 38 (Recap of Case 002/01)

The 38th episode of “Facing Justice,” the weekly TV program on Case 002 before the ECCC, which airs on CTN every Monday at 1:15 pm. with a rerun every Friday at 3:00 pm. produced by AIJI and KMF, supported by USAID.

This week in “Facing Justice”: As the closing Statement is scheduled to start on 16 October, 2013, Facing Justice presents the highlights of Case 002 from the beginning of the trial proceedings in June 2011 until the end of Case 002/01`s evidentiary hearing in July 2013. This includes the ruling that Ieng Thirith is unfit to stand trial, the severance of Case 002, the positions adopted by the OCP and the defense teams, as well as lawyer misconduct.

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