KRT Trial Monitor C002 – Issue 58 (29-30 April, 2-3 May 2013)

This week, the Chamber heard one Civil Party and two witnesses.  Civil Party Sar Sarin described his experience as an art performer before the DK era and a driver during the regime.  Sar Sarin did not give a full testimony, as he refused to testify further unless provided with personal security.  The witnesses, Ung Chhat and Lim Sat, testified mostly on what they observed during the “liberation” of Pursat and the execution of Lon Nol soldiers at Tuol Po Chrey.

Aside from being confronted with the Civil Party’s request for protective measures, the Chamber and the Parties also dealt with concerns regarding the use of OCIJ statements as basis for questioning, badgering of a witness, and the scope of Case 002/01.

Read the Report:

KRT Trial Monitor Issue No. 58 – Hearing on Evidence Week 53 (29-30
April, 2-3 May  2013).

English –Khmer

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