KRT Trial Monitor C002 – Issue 37 (25 September 2012)

The Trial Chamber continued to grapple with adjustments to the schedule due to Ieng Sary’s continued ill health and his limited waiver.1 As a result, only one witness, Ms. Noem Sem (TCW-475), was available to testify this week. A singer and news reader for the Ministry of Information and Propaganda, Noem Sem testified on her role in the party, the administrative structure of her Ministry, Office 870, and the different K offices during Democratic Kampuchea. She concluded her testimony in one day and the Trial Chamber declared a recess for the week. Trial is set to resume on Monday, 1 October 2012.

Read the report:

KRT Trial Monitor Issue No. Issue 37 – Hearing on Evidence Week 32 (25 September 2012) corresponds with Facing Justice Episode 35.

English – Khmer


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