KRT Trial Monitor C002 – Issue 36 (20-21 September 2012)

Since Accused, Ieng Sary, remained confined in the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital, the Court held sessions on only two days this week. Chea Say (TCW-91), an automotive repair mechanic during the Democratic Kampuchea, testified before the Chamber on Thursday, upon waiver by Ieng Sary of his right to be present at the hearing.

On Friday morning, Dr. Lim Sivutha and Professor Ky Bousour, Ieng Sary’s physicians, testified about the state of health of the Accused. In light of Ieng Sary’s current health condition and its effect on his right as an accused to be present during trial, the Chamber dedicated Friday afternoon to hearing the positions of Parties in regards to the scheduled hearing of Expert Witness Philip Short.

Read the report:

KRT Trial Monitor Issue No. Issue 36 – Hearing on Evidence Week 31 (20-21 September 2012) corresponds with Facing Justice Episode 35.

English – Khmer

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