KRT Trial Monitor C002 – Issue 25 (4-7 June 2012)

This week, the Trial Chamber heard the testimony of three witnesses: Messrs. Sar Kimlomouth, Sao Sarun, and Khoem Ngorn. On Monday, 4 June, international Co- Prosecutor Mr. Tarik Abdulhak continued the examination of Witness Sar Kimlomouth, the Deputy Director of the Foreign Commerce Bank. The Civil Party Lawyers, Ms. Sin Soworn and Mr. Barnabé Nekuie, then followed and concluded with their questions that same day. Counsels for Khieu Samphan, Mr. Kong Sam Onn and, thereafter, Mr. Arthur Vercken, initiated the examination of Witness Sar Kimlomouth on Tuesday, followed by counsels for Nuon Chea, Messrs. Son Arun and Jasper Pauw. The Ieng Sary Defense, on the other hand, did not examine the Witness. Sar Kimlomouth concluded his testimony after answering Judge Jean-Marc Lavergne’s question on the link between Khieu Samphan and the alias “Hem.”

Read the report:

KRT Trial Monitor Issue No. 25 – Hearing on Evidence Week 20 (4-7 June 2012) corresponds with Facing Justice Episode 23

English – Khmer


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