Facing Justice – Episode 21 (28-31May 2012)

This special episode of Facing Justice gives a recap and legal analysis of developments in Case 002 since the trial started in November 2011.

This 21th episode of “Facing Justice”, the weekly TV program on Case 002 before the ECCC, airs on CTN every Monday at 3:00 pm is produced by AIJI and KMF production.

Ieng Sary’s physician Dr. Lim Savutha, Defense Counsel Michael Karnavas, Legal Communication Officer Lars Olsen, National Co-Prosecutor Chea Leang, International Co-Prosecutor Andrew Carley, Nuon Chea, Kang Guech Eav (Duch), Witness Saloth Ban, Prosecutor William Smith, Khieu Samphan, Nil Nonn, Defense Counsel Andrew Ianuzzi, Guest: Phun Vidjia


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