KRT Trial Monitor C002 – Issue 21 (30Apr,2-3May2012)

This week, it was the Defense Teams’ turn to question Mr. Saloth Ban, Pol Pot’s nephew, who served as Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) during the DK Regime.  Saloth Ban was quite responsive to the Defense Counsels’ questions, all the while maintaining that Pol Pot was merely one of the “needles in the ocean,” which meant that Pol Pot did not make decisions on his own.  Saloth Ban also explained about the concept “democratic centralism,” and gave insight into the Communist Party of Indochina and Angkar.  He provided information on the roles of two senior Khmer Rouge officials, Chhim Sam Aok alias “Comrade Pang,” and a certain Cheam who worked at the MFA.

Upon the conclusion of Saloth Ban’s testimony, another insider witness and former aide of Koy Thuon, Mr. Pean Khean, was called to the stand.   The OCP, led by Mr. Tarik Abdulhak and Mr. Vincent de Wilde d’Estmael, examined the Witness on the administrative and communication structures of his security unit and the roles of the three Accused.  Pean Khean, a member of the ethnic minority known as “Kavet,” described his experience as a security guard, messenger and food procurer in the CPK.  The Witness recounted what he knew of the roles and functions of K-1 and K-3. His proximity to the Khmer Rouge’s Minister of Commerce Koy Thuon alias “Thuch” and high-level cadre Pang allowed him to shed some light on the regime’s structure.

Read the report:

KRT Trial Monitor Issue No. 21 – Hearing on Evidence Week 16 (30 April, 2-3 May 2012) corresponds with Facing Justice Episode 18

English – Khmer

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