KRT Trial monitor C002 – Issue 18 (9-10 Apr 2012)

This week, the Ieng Sary and Khieu Samphan Defense Teams examined witness Kaing Guek Eav, alias “Duch.”

In a highly-charged inquiry that was fraught with numerous objections and non-responsive answers, Ieng Sary’s international counsel, Mr. Michael Karnavas, questioned Duch on his previous statements. Karnavas sought to prove that the Witness was merely a mid-level cadre who did not personally know how the leaders of Democratic Kampuchea made decisions.  Khieu Samphan’s international counsel, Mr. Arthur Vercken, aimed to show that his client had nothing to do with confessions, and that Duch’s statements relating to Khieu Samphan were either hearsay, mere assumptions, or based on information obtained from inadmissible S-21 confessions.  He also pointed out inconsistencies in Duch’s statements. As Vercken finished his examination earlier than anticipated, the Chamber allowed Nuon Chea’s national counsel, Mr. Son Arun, to ask questions and conclude his own examination of the Witness.

Read the report:

KRT Trial Monitor Issue No. 18 – Hearing on Evidence Week 13 (9-10 April 2012) corresponds with Facing Justice Episode 15

English – Khmer

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