Duch on Trial – Appeal Judgment (3 Feb 2012)

The final episode 28 of “Duch on Trial”, the weekly TV program on Case 001 before the ECCC which was produced by AIJI and KMF. The episode was aired on CTN on 3 February 2012, the day of the Appeal Judgment.

In this final episode the Appeal Judgement is summarized, analysed and discussed and the views of Cambodians who attended the judgement is heard.

Including: Accused Duch, Witness Vann Nath, Civil Party Chum Mey, Civil Party Bou Meng, Trial Chamber President Nil Nonn, Judge Jean-Marc Lavergne, National Co-Prosecutor Chea Leang, former International Co-Prosecutor Robert Petit, Civil Party Lawyer for Group 1 Karim Khan, Civil Party Lawyer for Group 4 Kong Pisey, National Defense Counsel Kar Savuth, Judge Silvia Cartwright, International Co-Prosecutor Andrew Cayley, Supreme Court President Kong Srim, Guest: Sok Sam Oeun.

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