KRT Trial Monitor C001 – Issue 15 (Week Ending 2 August 2009)

As scheduled, proceedings this week spanned the course of two days. The Chamber continued to hear the accounts of former S-21 personnel, namely, Mr Kok Sros, Mr Suos Thy and Mr Meas Peng Kry. Notably, in line with its earlier decision to reduce its witness list, Mr Meas Peng Kry’s testimony during the investigative stage was tendered as evidence in lieu of his in-court testimony. The testimonies provided valuable insight into Duch’s involvement in the daily operations of S-21, and the process of documenting prisoners’ arrival and departure from the facility. Significantly, their accounts illuminated the unremittingly harsh discipline imposed at the Security Center. Although Duch unequivocally acknowledged that Mr Suos Thy had been enlisted at S-21, he expressed doubts about the veracity of Mr Kok Sros’s allegation that he had served as a guard at the security office.

Read the report:

KRT Trial Monitor C001 Issue No. 15 – Hearing on Evidence (Week Ending 2 August 2009) corresponds with Duch on Trial Episode 14

English – Khmer

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