KRT Trial Monitor C001 – Issue 10 (Week Ending 28 June 2009)

During the first two days of this week, the parties questioned the Accused on the “Functioning of S-21” and “Killings at S-21, the surrounding areas and Choeung Ek”. Questioning then turned to the “Establishment and Functioning of Prey Sar (S-24)”.

Notable facts revealed by Duch largely concerned the functioning of the security office at Prey Sar. According to Duch, Prey Sar was in essence a “prison without walls”. It was not a place for interrogation and torture, but a forced labor camp for those whose loyalty the Party doubted. Although detainees at Prey Sar had more freedom than the prisoners at S-21, their fate was ultimately the same – most were eventually smashed.

Read the report:

KRT Trial Monitor C001 Issue No. 10 – Hearing on Evidence (Week Ending 28 June 2009) corresponds with Duch on Trial Episode 9

English – Khmer

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