KRT Trial Monitor C001 – Issue 7 (Week Ending 31 May 2009)

During this week’s proceedings, the Defense’s theory appeared to become clearer. As expert witnesses Mr. Nayan Chanda (on Monday and half of Tuesday) and Dr. Craig Etcheson (during the remainder of the week) were questioned, both the National and International Defense Counsel seemed to be determined to establish the notion that Duch was entirely subject to the will of his superiors, and had no choice but to follow the “party line”. Furthermore, both Defense counsels also attempted to insinuate that Duch was but a “scapegoat”, by espousing that more responsible people could have been brought to trial, or even testifying as witnesses.

Read the report:

KRT Trial Monitor C001 Issue No. 7 – Hearing on Evidence (Week Ending 31 May 2009) corresponds with Duch on Trial Episode 6

English – Khmer


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