KRT Trial Monitor C001 – Issue 5 (Week Ending 2 May 2009)

This week’s trial proceedings at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal were dominated by the Accused Person’s testimony: first (and continuing from last week), on the establishment of S-21; and subsequently, on the implementation of the policies of the Communist Party of Kampuchea (‘CPK Policy’). Despite the trial continuing to move slowly, the Chamber evinced a strong desire to expedite the proceedings, issuing constant reminders to Parties to ensure they directed their questions to the specific evidence under consideration.

Read the report:

KRT Trial Monitor C001 Issue No. 5 – Hearing on Evidence (Week Ending 2 May 2009) corresponds with Duch on Trial Episode 4 

English – Khmer

Annex A

English – Khmer

Annex B

English – Khmer

Annex C

English – Khmer

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